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Why do I get just one Winner Card?
Because you only need one card. You can visit as many Girls’ Night Out sponsor locations as you wish. You will get your card stamped at each business. You will receive a ‘winner number’ for each correct stamp that you receive on your card. Only one stamp is allowed per business. Businesses with multiple locations in the GNO will only be able to count as one stamp.

Where and when can I get my Winner Card?
Get your ‘Early Bird’ winner cards through Wednesday at Light Depot, CRMC Baxter or The Light Depot to be eligible for the Early bird Bonus Prize . When I’m done visiting sponsor locations on Girls’ Night Out how do I trade in my Winner Card for my Winner Numbers?
You must bring your Girls’ Night Out winner card to Tykes Carpet Castle sometime between 4:30pm and 8:30pm Thursday night after you are finished getting as many stamps as you wish. 

Can I get a list of the sponsor locations in advance?
Yes, you can print out a list of sponsors and locations off this website. Also, the complete sponsor list in a printed version will be available on Thursday night at all sponsor locations

How will I know if I won?
You will still listen to one of the Hubbard Radio - Brainerd stations at 8:15 AM on Friday. We’ll read the lucky winner numbers and you’ll have two minutes to call in and claim your prize. A complete rules list is found our your winner card.